Just a Little Lovin’

I walked with my lover, hand in hand, looking down at blue gems winking in the green grass when my tears would let me. We stopped, and I heard Death say,”Now it is time to gather flowers for your departed. You will need them.” Ingestre Hall. Photo taken by author. This past week I spent […]

Stories in Silence

Okay, so visiting one of the topics I thought of before: wordless storytelling games. I’ve played a few of these with little or no speaking, and every time they leave a lasting impression on me, so I’d like to explore that a little bit. For context: when I mean a storytelling game I mean what’s […]

Other People’s Shoes

So, I’m going to talk about something I shockingly haven’t really talked about here yet. LARP! Or immersive things! If you’re like “hey Echo y’all are cool and amazing and pretty sexy and all but I don’t know what that is!” Well… I’m going to blatantly copy someone: Live Action Roleplaying is a mix of […]