A New Year

This blog hasn’t been updated in a while. Cold has been affecting me pretty strongly, and I’ve been getting the Hermit card quite a bit. But perhaps it’s time to ramble about some things again. I hope to channel my energy this coming year into more things. I see so much to be done, and […]

Uncomfortable Feelings

CW: Judaism negativity, childhood trauma, ancestry, organized religion, mental health, Holocaust mention So first, a disclaimer: I am speaking entirely about myself and my own feelings here. This post is not intended to reflect anyone else’s relationship with Judaism or other religions. Okay, so. Background. I grew up Orthodox Jewish, which is a very intense […]

Spirals and Wells

CW: Mental health, depression. I suffer from depression. It’s not a fun experience, let me assure you. I’m not really going to go into what depression is, since I assume you, random Internet person, vaguely know about it, assuming you don’t have it yourself. It’s awful. So often I find myself looking to do something […]

A Thousand Faces

Recently, I’ve been feeling my identity become more fluid. Just to be clear, I’m genderqueer and non-binary, not moving towards any binary identities. However, in thinking about how to explain my gender I’ve started to figure out that it wildly varies within the vast universe of “other”. Another thing I’ve been pondering is how to […]

Fabulous and Femme

I identify as a femme. It’s perhaps a strange thing to identify as, given I’m neither a woman nor a lesbian (and yes, one doesn’t require the other). I’m not going to talk about what femme is. That’s been covered by many other people, far more knowledgeable than I. I’ll put some resources at the […]


Fine is the suckiest wordit never tells the truthAndrea Gibson, Panic Button Collector When I was a depressed teenager, my mom always asked how my day was. “Fine,” I’d say. It was never fine. And it still isn’t. I’m never just good, or okay, or alright. This is not because I can’t be, but because […]

Hello world!

I think it’s fitting to keep this title when I automatically delete it in most cases. For those not in the know, “hello world” is what WordPress generates for every fresh installation of a site. So: Hello, world! You’re an awfully strange place, aren’t you? But I suppose I’m an awfully strange person, so we […]