I’ve been thinking for a while about binaries. Yes, gender binaries plays into that of course, but I think there’s so many others that we don’t talk about. As an example, I’d like to think about polyamory vs monogamy. I won’t dwell on the definitions here as I’m going to assume my audience is already […]


I’ve been thinking a lot about generational differences lately, and the differing viewpoints within the LGBTQIA+ communities from various eras. It’s really easy to judge our queer forebears for their beliefs or actions in today’s world. Too easy, honestly. Perhaps it’s just me. I am, for good or bad, a fairly judgmental person. However, I […]

A New Year

This blog hasn’t been updated in a while. Cold has been affecting me pretty strongly, and I’ve been getting the Hermit card quite a bit. But perhaps it’s time to ramble about some things again. I hope to channel my energy this coming year into more things. I see so much to be done, and […]

Secrets, Arcs, and Tone

So I’m writing this sitting at Metatopia, a game design convention in New Jersey. I see friends and interesting people everywhere, and I have a semi-packed schedule exploring new games and helping designers bring their works to life. I also recently played the game Event Horizon: Summit the previous weekend, and have the game Scapegoat […]

Finding a Home

It’s been an interesting few weeks. I’ve gotten brought into a strange (but good!) tech world at Automattic, and had some alone time to feel out parts of myself. I’ve talked a lot here about community, spaces, and loneliness. These feel like aspects of a fundamental void in my life, and one that is shared […]

Mental Health Awareness Day

CW: Depression, self harm thoughts, institutionalization, trauma I suffer from severe chronic depression. It’s something I’ve had since early childhood, and I struggle with to this day and probably will till the day I die. In childhood I had some really bad episodes, and have been institutionalized twice, the first time for at least a […]

Living / Surviving

Earlier this month, I lost my job. I’m not going to go into what happened, but it’s been a very eye-opening experience. I’ve normally left companies entirely of my own volition before, and that wasn’t the case this time. But I’m not really here to talk about that, I want to explore some of my […]

Hopes and Dreams

Virgo season is upon us, and with it my mind has turned to what could be. I’ve been talking to friends about hopes and what I want for the future. The future is an interesting topic. We don’t really have one, not really. Or rather, we have something, but it’s shrouded in fears and confusion. […]

Didn’t Mean It

“Hey, I hope you know I didn’t mean it.” Well gee, thanks. I’m tired. Tired of hearing the same refrain when people screw up. Tired of having to reassure people that no, of course it’s okay, no I’m fine. “Look, he’s not familiar with this stuff, he’s not a bad guy.” Are they ever? One […]

Femme Glamour

I’m currently reading the book Becoming Dangerous, an anthology about witchcraft and femmes. There’s a few entries there exploring the intersection of femme aesthetic and magick1, whether the armour of lipstick or the power of color. This resonates a lot with me. I previously discussed a bit about how I feel about my femme identity, […]